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Privacy Policy for Electronic-Platform

This Privacy Policy mainly sets out the views of Cotai Water Jet towards data collection and processing, as well as how these are implemented.Cotai Water Jet has always put great emphasis on the protection of clients’ personal privacy. During the course of its business operations, Cotai Water Jet collects the personal data of clients from time to time according to various operational needs. Cotai Water Jet warrants that the method of collecting data, and the handling of the data so collected, will be conducted in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macau Special Administrative Region.
The following Privacy Policy explains how Cotai Water Jet uses the personal data collected from you. By providing personal data to us, you agree to this Privacy Policy and consent to the collection, use, receipt, transfer, storage and treatment of yourpersonal dataas described in this Policy.

Personal data collection

To ensure its services are of high quality, Cotai Water Jet may need to collect personal data from clients under different circumstances.
Cotai Water Jet will clearly inform clients of the purposes and use of the personal data collected from them. Clients also have the right to refuse to provide the data. If a client refuses to provide the data requested by Cotai Water Jet, Cotai Water Jet will not be able to guarantee that it can provide the services requested by the client.

Personal data that we collect

We will, in specified areas on the Electronic-Platform (E-Platform, includes but not limited to website, application for mobile device), request a client to provide us with data for identifying his personal identity (“personal data”), including but not limited to the following categories:
a. Your personal data, such as name, gender, date of birth, passport number and other information that can identify your identity;
b. Your contact information, such as telephone number, correspondence address, email address and fax number;
c. The account information of your credit card or debit card, including the name of the cardholder, credit card number, billing address and expiry date of the credit card;
d. Your travel information, such as itinerary information and personal data of accompanying guests.

Purposes of collection and use of personal data

The personal data collected will be used for (or directly in relation to) the following purposes:
- To be used to verify the identity of clients when providing services or products to them;
- To follow up on the opinions/enquiries/complaints of clients;
- To promote, sell and advertise any products and/or services provided by Cotai Water Jet, affiliated companies and third party service providers;
- For the operational planning of Cotai Water Jet, and to enhance the quality of products and/or services provided to clients;
- To handle any benefits related to the provision of products and services to clients;
- To analyse, verify and/or enquire about the creditworthiness, payment status and/or condition of clients in respect of the products and services that Cotai Water Jet provides to clients;
- To handle, or handle upon the request of clients, payment instructions, direct debit and/or overdraft procedures resulting from the provision of products and services by Cotai Water Jet to clients;
- To enable Cotai Water Jet to link up with the operation of other industries or with the operation of third parties or government bodies as needed in respect of the provision of products and services by Cotai Water Jet;
- To prevent or detect illegal acts;
- To make disclosures as permitted by regulations or required by law; and
- Any purpose that the client and Cotai Water Jethave agreed to (including the purposes stated in any application form or terms made at the time of providing any products and services).

Your rights and choices

With regard to our collection of personal data from you, we offer you several choices, such as how we use the data and how we contact you. If you need to submit requests, update your choices, or request us to remove your data from our mailing list, please contact us by the following methods:
- Opting out of emails
You can, at any time and free of charge, requestin the following ways a stop to receiving marketing materials:
a. Request to stop receiving materials according to the instructions in the marketing materials
b. Email to privacy@cotaiwaterjet.com
c. Log in Cotai Water Jet website online booking page and change the option for receiving marketing material: http://www.cotaiwaterjet.com/
- Opting out of text messages
You can contact us by emailing to privacy@cotaiwaterjet.com, and request us to stop sending you text messages.
- Withdrawal of consent
You can, at any time,withdraw any consent you have previously given us, or raise objections on any legal grounds. We will process your application within a reasonable time. Under certain circumstances, the withdrawal of your consent for us to use or disclose your personal data implies that you agree that you are unable to use certain of our products or services.
- Access, update and correction of personal data
In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) of the Laws of Hong Kong, clients who provided Cotai Water Jet with their personal data are entitled to check with Cotai Water Jet as to whether their personal data had been held and request access to such data. Cotai Water Jet reserves the right to verify the identity of suchclientswho request access and may refuse the request if the identity of the customer is in issue. The right to access one’s personal data may be limited to certain circumstances pursuant to the requirements of local law. Cotai Water Jet will handle any such access requests as soon as possible and a reply will be given within 30 days starting from the date of receipt of the request.

Accuracy and retention of data

Although Cotai Water Jet will use its best endeavours to check, insofar as circumstances allow, that all data collected are accurate,clients should ensure and should provide Cotai Water Jet with data that are true, up-to-date, accurate and complete, having regard to the purpose(s) for which the personal data are collected.
Cotai Water Jet will retain the personal data of clients for the period requiredbased on the purpose of the data collection. Unless retention is necessary due to legal, regulatory or accounting requirements, or for the purpose of protecting the interests of Cotai Water Jet, such data will be destroyed.

Data security

Cotai Water Jet will take reasonable steps and measures to protect the personal data of clientsfrom being accessed, processed or deleted by unauthorised persons. Access to the personal data collected without appropriate authorisation is prohibited. Authorisation is granted only on a "need to know" basis that is commensurate with the staff's responsibilities and training.

Transfer of personal data

Personal data collected by Cotai Water Jetmay be transferred under the following circumstances:
a. Where Cotai Water Jet is acting in compliance with the law, a court order and/or as requested by law enforcement agencies;
b. Where the transfer by Cotai Water Jet is rendered necessary for the purpose of processing payment when clients used the online ticket booking services of Cotai Water Jet;
c. Where the transfer by Cotai Water Jet is rendered necessary when it conducts an enquiry/investigation of complaint for clients.

Linking to other E-Platforms

This “Privacy Policy” is only applicable to this E-Platform. Where clients use Cotai Water Jet's E-Platform as a link to other E-Platforms, clients are reminded that once the link is established clients are no longer with Cotai Water Jet's E-Platform. Clients must understand that these other E-Platforms do not belong to Cotai Water Jet, and of course are not controlled or regulated by Cotai Water Jet. Therefore Cotai Water Jet hereby expressly disclaims all liability for all consequences that may arise where clients disclose their personal data to these otherE-Platforms after using a link on the Cotai Water Jet E-Platform.

Internet record

When you access our E-Platform, our server software will record your internet address (and computer domain name), type and configuration of browser,language settings, region, operating system, websites and web pages already browsed including the time and duration spent, for the purpose of calculating the communication volume of this E-Platform, the popularity of information in each section and for the collection of general information of E-Platform users.


“Cookies” are extremely small text files placed inside the electronic computer of clients by the server of the website. Their functions include personalising online records of clients, tracking purchase information and collecting web page data etc. “Cookies” can be regarded as a kind of identity tag, but these files cannot be executed, and will not spread viruses, and can only be read by the server which placed them in your computer. The Company uses “cookies” on its website toprovide a unique identity identification code for the computer of each client, so as to detect the multimedia function of the internet browsers used by clients, track the advertisements that we have displayed to clients, maintain the purchase information within the security scope of the current computer logging in and web pages, and facilitate our use of the statistics of web page usage. The unique identity identification code does not contain any personal data.

Statement of revision of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time without prior notification to you, to reflect changes in the way Cotai Water Jet handles personal data. When there is any revision, its latest update time is indicated at the top of the Policy.