Hong Kong (Kowloon) < > Macau (Taipa)

City Route
Ferry service between

Hong Kong (Kowloon) < > Macau (Taipa)

Upon arrival in Macao, passengers are greeted with convenient, complimentary rides on our luxury air-conditioned coaches to the doorsteps of Sands Macao, The Parisian Macao, The Plaza and Four Seasons Macao, The Venetian Macao, and Sands Cotai Central.
Hong Kong (Kowloon) > Macau (Taipa)
08:15 09:15 10:15 11:15 12:15 13:15
Weekdays Weekends/
Night Sailing
Cotai Class $171 $186 $211
Cotai First $293 $310 $338
Cotai VIP Cabin (8 seats) $2,344 $2,480 $2,704
Macau (Taipa) > Hong Kong (Kowloon)
10:45 11:45 16:45 17:45 18:45 19:45
Weekdays Weekends/
Night Sailing
Cotai Class $160 $175 $200
Cotai First $282 $299 $327
Cotai VIP Cabin (8 seats) $2,256 $2,392 $2,616

Note: Schedule is subject to change and additional sailings may be added at peak hours.
*Weekends and Holidays apply - Until 30th Sep 2018
Passenger can pay $120 per ticket upgrading to Cotai First at terminal or within the cabin if seat available.

Night Sailings
1 Oct - 31 Jan 1 Feb – 31 Mar and 1-30 Sep 1 Apr – 31 Aug
Start From 17:10 Start From 17:40 Start From 18:00
Luggage Tariffs
Each passenger is allowed 1 piece hand carry luggage up to a maximum of 20kgs with size not exceeding 56cm X 36cm X 23cm. Any luggage exceeding the above limitation or excess luggage above 1 piece the following tariff below applies(The Carrier may refuse any items onboard which are unsuitable for carriage for reason of weight, shape, size or character.)

Any inquiry or concerns regarding the limitation of checked luggage shall be communicated to the Cotai Water Jet customer service department before 16:00 one day before departure via telephone or email.

Luggage check-in service is available from 20 to 45 minutes before departure time. 
​Taipa Ferry Terminal is available from 30 to 55 minutes before departure time.
Items Tariff (HK dollar)
20 kgs or below (per piece) $25
20 ~ 30 kgs (per piece) $35
30 ~ 40 kgs (per piece) $45
40 ~ 50 kgs(per piece) $65
Below 40 kgs but exceeding
standard size limit (per piece)
Above 50kgs,
for exceeding part (per kg)
Golf bag (per set) $35
*Bicycle (per each) $65
Note: Tariffs are quoted in HKD/MOP for luggage checked in Hong Kong and Macau respectively.
*Valuables are required to be carried by passenger on board.
  • Macau Patacas (MOP) when purchased in Macau.
  • Hong Kong dollars (HKD) when purchased in Hong Kong.
  • All departure tax is included in the price of the ticket.
  • Children aged one year or older must travel with a valid ticket.
  • Holiday fares are applicable to Hong Kong and Macao public holidays
  • Macau citizens, seniors (60 or above) and children (below 12) may enjoy HKD/MOP 20 off per ticket
    (not applicable to VIP Cabin).

Flow of Your Journey

Hong Kong

  • Purchase or Redeem Ticket at Shop No.7 ticketing counters
  • Proceed to Seat allocation counter for seat assignment
  • Proceed to immigration counter for clearance
  • Board Ferry


  • Purchase or Redeem Ticket at ticketing counter at Taipa Ferry terminal
  • Proceed to Check-in Gate
  • Proceed to immigration counter for clearance
  • Proceed to Seat allocation counter for seat assignment
  • Board Ferry
Additional/Cancelled Sailing Update

Currently we do not have any additional/cancelled sailing. For inquiries, please contact Cotai Water Jet Customer Service at: +852-2359 9990 or +853-2885 0595