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About Cotai Water Jet

Cotai Water Jet is a premium high-speed ferry service managed and operated by Chu Kong High Speed Ferry Co. Ltd. of Hong Kong on behalf of Sands China Ltd. Since its launch in November 2007, Cotai Water Jet has serviced more than 82.5 million passengers. A fleet of 11 custom-built catamarans accommodating around 400 passengers each, operate at top speeds of approximately 42 knots, providing a convenient transportation option between Macao’s Cotai and Hong Kong, with a travel time of just 60 minutes.

In line with the Macao SAR Government’s commitment to develop Macao into a “World Centre of Tourism and Leisure”, Cotai Water Jet is expanding its maritime products and introducing the “Macau Cruise Tour". During the Fireworks Displays, a special “Macau Cruise Fireworks Route” will be scheduled, allowing passengers to have an up-close view of the magnificent fireworks display. Cotai Water Jet will continue to develop its “Macau Cruise Tour” to create unforgettable coastal experiences that immerses passengers in the unique scenery of the city. 

Sands China places great importance on social and environmental responsibility. It is committed to ensuring the long-term environmental health of the local region by practicing responsible operations and minimising its impact to the natural environment. Passengers can participate in the Sands ECO360 Carbon Neutral Program to offset the carbon footprint resulting from their trips, helping make Macao a sustainable tourism destination.
Seats Class
Cotai VIP Class
  • Upper deck
  • Private and exclusive
  • Complimentary snacks and beverage
  • Priority disembarkation on arrival.
  • Complimentary Wifi
Cotai First
  • Upper deck, facing table arrangements
  • Commanding view of the outside
  • Complimentary snacks and beverage
  • Priorty disembarkation on arrival
  • Complimentary Wifi
Cotai Class
  • Modern and comfortable
  • Snacks and beverages avavilable for purchase
  • Complimentary Wifi
Capacity Information
H311 THE GRAND CANAL SHOPPES 311 86 16 413
H312 THE VENETIAN 311 86 16 413
H313 THE COTAI STRIP EXPO 311 86 16 413
H314 SHOPPES COTAI CENTRAL 311 86 16 413
H315 COTAI CENTRAL 311 86 16 413
H316 SHOPPES FOUR SEASONS 311 86 16 413
H317 THE PLAZA 311 86 16 413
H320 GOURMET DINING 311 86 16 413
H350 MARCO POLO 311 94 8 413
H351 ST. MARK 311 94 8 413
H353 DI MODA SQUARE 311 86 16 413